Just remove the lens cap and press the big red button.


You win some.

You lose some.

At the end of the day the work should speak for itself, but here are a few second opinions if you're into that sort of thing.


screenings and awards

Canal +

Indie Lisboa (Onda Curta Award)

MTV's The Freshmen (3 time winner)

Raw Science Film Festival

Rooftop Films

RTP (Rádio e Televisão de Portugal)

Rural Route Film Festival


San Francisco International Film Festival (Golden Gate Award)

SBS Australia

Scanners: the Video Festival by the Film Society of Lincoln Center


Small Chair (McSweeney’s iphone app)

VOTD (3 time winner)

Wholphin (quarterly DVD magazine published by McSweeney's)

World Film Festival of Bangkok


Jim Jarmusch, filmmaker:

"With CRIME SCENE GREENPOINT, Christopher Arcella has crafted a mysteriously dramatic visual poem just from looking out his window (and down from his rooftop). Many have done less with much more!"


Declan Hill, author of The Fix: Soccer and Organized Crime (commenting on I Don't Blame the Beautiful Game):

"A chilling and eerie portrait of the effects of match-fixing. Done superbly on a budget of pennies. One wonders and waits for Christopher's next work!"


Possidónio Cachapa, Portuguese author (commenting on I Don't Blame the Beautiful Game):

"What shall we do when little details become tragic questions of life? Football in two different levels. The first one, the unexpected results of a decision in the enemy field. The second, a poetic one, like a repetitive element in a melody which is more elevated than the structure of the piece itself."


Gary Meyer, cofounder of Landmark Theatres and former director of the Telluride Film Festival (commenting on Frequency Response - Observations):

"A film that draws on the experimental traditions of the pioneers while looking to the future, combining multiple layers of images, sound and narrative in search of a new way to tell stories. The influence of emerging technology, video, and computer interactivity are combined with a playful post modernist sensibility. The film we chose is provocative and original. Guided by a sardonic scientific voice over, some fast forward buttons on the screen, and a miraculous flying cereal box airplane, a young man meditates on the nature of the world he experiences."


Christopher Deam, designer and architect:

"Christopher's nuanced, economy of means in filmmaking allows his storytelling to shine ... a perfect antidote to a hyper-designed, overly stylized age."


Mark Elijah Rosenberg, founder and artistic director of Rooftop Films:

"Giver Taker Heartbreaker is a jazzy, bizarre, semi-absurdist black comedy in the vein of early Jarmusch."