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a select few of many

"The Satoshi Sculpture Garden"


experimental short



The Satoshi Sculpture Garden is an experimental short featuring Nicole Zuelke and an original score by Plaid.

Complete Silence


narrative short



Complete Silence made its festival debut at SCI-FI-LONDON 2017.

I Don't Blame the Beautiful Game


narrative short



Winner of the 2011 Indie Lisboa Onda Curta Award


Declan Hill, author of The Fix: Soccer and Organized Crime (commenting on I Don't Blame the Beautiful Game): "A chilling and eerie portrait of the effects of match-fixing. Done superbly on a budget of pennies. One wonders and waits for Christopher's next work!"


I Don't Blame the Beautiful Game has been distributed globally screening on numerous television channels including Canal +.

Overhead Light


narrative short



Overhead Light is a short by Christopher Arcella featuring Angela Carbone, Marcus Crawford Guy, Madeleine Rogers, Kay Marie Loren and an original score by Plaid. Overhead Light made its festival debut at SCI-FI-LONDON 2017.



narrative short



FORGOTTEN was made in less than two days for the annual SCI-FI-LONDON 48 Hour Film Challenge. The challenge gives each participant a title, a line of dialogue, a theme and a very tight deadline. The unique criteria for this film was as follows:



PROP: Wallet change - we see a character place an item from one wallet to another.
DIALOGUE: Stick to the shore and you can see inland for miles. It's probably safer that way.
SCIENCE (OPTIONAL): A new super expensive drug can extend life by 50 years.

The Surrealist


narrative short



The Surrealist made its premiere at the 2011 Rural Route Film Festival.



low-fi experimental documentary short



Jim Jarmusch, filmmaker: "With CRIME SCENE GREENPOINT, Christopher Arcella has crafted a mysteriously dramatic visual poem just from looking out his window (and down from his rooftop). Many have done less with much more!"


In 2007 CRIME SCENE GREENPOINT premiered at Scanners: the Video Festival by the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

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