Christopher Arcella is a designer and videographer based in New York City and Arizona.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Christopher earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the Virginia Tech College of Architecture where he worked as an assistant to the director of the Virginia Tech Multimedia Lab. Following graduation he gained experience as a designer at IDEO San Francisco and Blu Dot before running an interaction design studio called RUNROBOTS. During this time Christopher developed his writing and directing skills by making many of his own movies and working part time at the office of independent filmmaker Jim Jarmusch. Over the years he has consistently maintained this balance between writer, director and designer resulting in a versatile creative process.

Christopher has created well over fifty short films and music videos and one feature film. A majority of Christopher’s credits can be found on IMDb. His work has screened in numerous festivals and other various curated media as well as on television stations worldwide including MTV and Canal+.



Overhead Light (2017)

Complete Silence (2016)

Forgotten (2017)

The Surrealist (2011)

Yellow Carnation (2011)



Christopher has completed one feature film and has a second in production with his boutique film production studio, Film Club 13.

For more information visit www.filmclub13.com.


Canal +
Indie Lisboa (Onda Curta Award)
MTV’s The Freshmen (3 time winner)
Raw Science Film Festival
Rooftop Films
RTP (Rádio e Televisão de Portugal)
Rural Route Film Festival
San Francisco International Film Festival (Golden Gate Award)
SBS Australia
Scanners: the Video Festival by the Film Society of Lincoln Center
Shiny Awards
Small Chair (McSweeney’s iphone app)
VOTD (3 time winner)
Wholphin (curated video periodical published by McSweeney’s)
World Film Festival of Bangkok


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